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Suntaq Inverter Charger – Utilizing Solar Power without Batteries

Published on April 23, 2015 By MWandS

Suntaq Inverter Charger – Utilizing Solar Power without Batteries Have you seen what you can do with our Suntaq inverter charger?  Not entirely sure what it is?  This product is a real powerhouse – if you’ve got a remote area where you need accessible AC power, the Suntaq inverter charger provides that capability WITHOUT the […]

Power Inverter Types

Published on August 14, 2014 By MWandS

DC to AC and Grid Tie Power Inverter Types How to choose between modified and pure sine wave inverters and plug-in grid tie or wired grid tie power inverters           A DC to AC power inverter allows you to convert the stored power from your battery bank to the tools and appliances you want to […]

Jerry’s Off Grid Setup

Published on June 20, 2014 By MWandS

Jerry’s Off Grid Setup Solar panels and Missouri Wind and Solar Components Jerry’s off grid setup with Missouri Wind and Solar equipment. We helped design the system and provided custom wiring and hookup diagrams.Jerry aims to get rid of his electric bill and have a long time wind and solar backup/off grid system. We know […]