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Where to Install a Wind Turbine

Published on June 24, 2015 By MWandS

Where to Install a Wind Turbine Tips for Where NOT to Site Your Wind Turbine Generator Jeff from Missouri Wind and Solar talks about the difference between mounting locations and styles as well as pros and cons to where you site your wind turbine generator.   Dirty Wind and Expectations The peak of your house or shed […]

Customer Project: Hensley’s Wind Turbine Tower

Published on June 16, 2015 By MWandS

Wind Turbine Customer Project Hensley’s Wind Turbine Tower Installation You may remember Hensley Isaac’s 11 Blade Freedom II Missouri Wind Turbine project from May 2015.  After some consideration and resourcefulness, he’s decided to re-site his wind turbine and design a completely new wind turbine tower.  He’s continuously working to put hard work into his wind power […]

Latty’s 11 Blade 1600 Watt Missouri Raider Wind Turbine

Published on October 21, 2014 By MWandS

Latty’s 11 Blade 1600 Watt Missouri Raider Wind Turbine   Latty knows that it’s best to pair wind turbines and solar panels to get the best battery charging.  He added this 1600 watt Missouri Raider wind turbine with 11 Raptor G4 blades to his Jamaican rooftop along with his solar panel array. Download the short video: Latty Hernel’s […]