Missouri Wind and Solar Giveaway #11

Missouri Wind and Solar Giveaway #11

June 2015 YouTube Giveaway Contest #11

Summer is here which means lots of cookouts and camping!  Jeff and Missouri Wind and Solar are giving away four items in the 11th YouTube giveaway contest that will make a great addition to your summer plans.  The best part – it’s easy to enter, there’s no purchase necessary, and we’ll ship anywhere!  Make sure you watch the video below for complete details on how to enter.  Good luck!

The YouTube Giveaway contest begins June 17, 2015 and will run until July 17, 2015.

Missouri Wind and Solar Giveaway Contest Prizes

Giveaway #11 Prizes:

1st Place: All American Sun Oven

2nd Place: Sunflair Standard Solar Oven Kit

3rd Place: Rechargeable Jumper Box Kit & Accessories

4th Place: Kill a Watt Power Saving Device


Watch the video below for more info on the prizes

YouTube Giveaway #11

How to Enter the Contest:

Winners will be selected using a random number generator and will be required to submit a video of the unboxing of the prize.  Winner videos will be added to our Winners Playlist.



Missouri Wind and Solar YouTube

Customer Project: Hensley’s Wind Turbine Tower

Wind Turbine Customer Project

Hensley’s Wind Turbine Tower Installation

Hensley's Wind Turbine Tower and Foundation

You may remember Hensley Isaac’s 11 Blade Freedom II Missouri Wind Turbine project from May 2015.  After some consideration and resourcefulness, he’s decided to re-site his wind turbine and design a completely new wind turbine tower.  He’s continuously working to put hard work into his wind power setup and make improvements where he can.

He’s sited a new spot for his Missouri Wind and Solar Freedom II wind turbine

No amount of work was spared and no shortcuts were taken going into this wind turbine tower foundation.  Hensley dug a 4 foot deep hole to anchor his wind turbine tower.

This month, he has started his wind turbine tower, complete with 4 foot x 4 foot concrete foundation.  Made from 14 bags of concrete and other supplies, this tower won’t budge anytime soon.

We’ll definitely keep you updated as new info and videos roll in from this project.  Thanks for sharing Hensley!  Make sure you check out Hensley’s YouTube channel and connect with him on Google+.


How to Install a Wind Turbine Slip Ring

How to Install a Wind Turbine Slip Ring

Instructional DIY Video from Missouri Wind and Solar

How to Wire a Slip Ring to a Wind Turbine PMG


In the video above, Jeff demonstrates how to hook up a slip ring to our Freedom and Freedom II PMG, though you can use the same method for nearly any wind turbine PMA or PMG on the market.

Below, we’ll break it down below to make it easy to follow:

Connecting the Slip Ring to the Mounting Bracket

One end of the slip ring will be fixed and the opposite end will rotate.  The rotating base is the bottom end of the slip ring and will connect to the wind turbine rectifier(s).  Be sure that it faces downward to prevent rain from entering the housing.

Slip Ring to Wind Turbine Direction

Feed the wires from the slip ring through the top piece of the mounting bracket and secure with self tapping screws.

Attach Slip Ring with Self Tapping Screws

How to wire the slip ring to our 2000 Watt Freedom II PMG:

Separate three of the six leads from the top of the slip ring (we use this one) and secure with electrical tape.  Repeat this process with the same three colored leads extending from the bottom.  This important step will keep you from shorting out the PMA or PMG.  

Slip Ring Leads

  • Each set of leads from the top of the slip ring will connect with separate leads from each wire harness that extend from the Freedom II PMG.

Slip ring to freedom ii pmg

  • Three leads from the bottom will connect with one three phase rectifier (you will use two three phase rectifiers, included when you order a Freedom II PMG).

Connect 6 wire slip ring to two rectifiers


Use SJOOW cable with your Freedom II PMG

Wiring method for 1600 Watt Freedom PMGs:

Separate the top three leads from the slip ring (choose from these models), these will connect directly to the wire harness from the Freedom PMG.  Connect any color lead to the wires extending from the PMG.

Slip Ring to Freedom PMG

The three leads from the bottom will connect in any order to the terminals  on the rectifier

Slip Ring to Rectifier

Use SJOO cable with your Freedom PMG

Slip rings are not required with our wind turbine generators but some people prefer to use them.  In that case, we want to help our customers understand how they should be connected to the wind turbine components to prevent damage from the unit.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.