Customer Project: Nate’s Wind Turbine System in West Texas

Wind Turbine Customer Project

Nate’s 7 Blade Missouri General Freedom II Wind Turbine System and Adjustable Wind Turbine Roof Mount

Nate sent us a couple of photos of his wind turbine and all in one charge controller board setup after a quick two day install at his mom’s house.  To install the wind turbine, he used our adjustable roof top mounting system.

Here is a picture of the finished wind turbine system, installed on the roof.

Missouri Wind 7 Blade Freedom II Wind Turbine

Missouri Wind and Solar 7 Blade Freedom II Galvanized Wind Turbine mounted on a rooftop in West Texas

The electronics were installed inside to keep them protected from the elements.  Nate paired our All in One Charge Controller Board with Aims Inverter and a three phase brake switch for operation and maintenance.

To make things easy, he made sure to include simple labels to the different components for quick reference.  This clean install, in part to the pre-wired controller board, makes efficient use of the power generated by the wind turbine

All in One Charge Controller Board with 2000 Watt Power Inverter from Aims

Missouri Wind and Solar All in One Charge Controller Board with 2000 Watt Aims Inverter

To see the video of the wind turbine system in action, click here: Wind Turbine Rooftop Video

Products used in this customer project:


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