Mark Pult from Florida

Well jeff you can start by adding me to your sucker list. I to payed good hard earnd money for the build your own solar and wind generater from earth for energy. (what a joke)
     I ran google looking for answers and all i got was bits and peices of info on solar and wind power. Did not know about youtube wished i did, might of stopped me from dropping the $40.00 bucks.

  But i got a link there and thats how i found you, there showing your hornets and the blades and checking out alot of other videos too, most made me laff out load, the wife seen nothing wrong with the videos till i showed her (i have a mechanical background)  the 2 blue 55 gal drums on a lazy susan ballbearing pedastal,  spining under a porch 
( did the math on it from the video, 20 turns  in 17.85 secs  thats 1.12 rev. a sec. 67.22 a min 40 tooth on the bottom of the drum going to 20 tooth on a alt. that 2 to 1 ratio alt spinning 133.44 rpms and making 13volt average BULLS**T!!)
 Well i went to your site and found your info and i do say you make a lot of good common sense.
 Thats for your time  Mark Pult from Florida

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