About Us: Missouri Wind and Solar

Missouri Wind and Solar is located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. We are the largest retailer of small and micro wind turbines and parts in the Mid-West.  We offer American made wind turbine and solar products for both wholesale and retail customers.

Missouri Wind and Solar was established in early 2007 out of an interest and need in wind power to offset the owner’s power bill.  Not fully satisfied with the products available for residential use, Jeff Harmon set out to improve on wind turbine design and to find and develop a more reliable product that was not only easy for DIY homeowners to install, but that was also affordable.

Jeff started his Missouri Wind and Solar YouTube channel with a series of How-To videos on everything from building your own PMA to beginners videos on understanding the proper setup for wind turbines and solar panels.  We now share product giveaways, winners videos, customer projects, and customer reviews of our products.

Missouri Wind and Solar later began having custom products designed and manufactured to offer superior products to those commonly available in the wind turbine market.  Missouri Wind and Solar is responsible for the design and production of the Raptor Generation 4, Raptor Generation 5, and Falcon Wind Turbine blades as well as the Freedom and Freedom II PMG.

Meet the Business Owner

Jeff Harmon has a long history in the appliance, electronics, and mechanical field. For over 30 years, Jeff owned his own appliance repair business servicing both large and small appliances, electronics, and lawn equipment. Self-made and self-taught, Jeff has created the American dream with his company Missouri Wind and Solar.

For more information about Jeff and Molly Harmon, watch our Missouri Wind and Solar hits 10,000 subscribers 2/10/14 on our Missouri Wind and Solar YouTube Channel.

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